We are a creative production studio based in Barcelona & Brussels.

We are one stop shop for your imagination needs.

We believe in strong ideas that can materialise in functional design and create great human experiences.

We are here to enjoy and do our best. This is part of our DNA.

We work for people with whom we share mutual respect.


We help people, companies and institutions to create or enhance their image. We always work with a concept as a starting point, using a clean & bold aesthetic.


We are a team of directors, illustrators, animators and storytellers from diverse backgrounds. We collaborate with talents from a wide range of styles and techniques to create colourful work.


We create audiovisual content and interactive experiences for live events, festivals, brand activations and exhibitions. We are based in Barcelona, but we work with a global state of mind.


Side is a creative plug-in transforming our grey matter into design and audiovisual thinking. Side is a transversal lab for innovative projects where we can learn, grow and enrich our own studio projects.