Club Clan identity

Club Clan is the new children’s TV channel of Spain’s RTVE. The Others was in charge of the conceptualisation and creation of its visual identity, as well as the design and animation of logotype and collateral elements; chyrons, section presentations, etc.

Client: Clan channel, RTVE
Concept, graphics and space: The Others
Date: March 2018


The identity is based on the idea that the Club is the physical and virtual space where children go to play, develop their own identity and learn what interests them in a collective environment.

The power of the letter C

The C letter, present twice in the naming of the channel, generates concepts and positive attributes of the children that are part of the club, adjectives that begin with the C letter. These attributes inspire the contents of the different sections in the programme, but also the design of the identity and the way that the elements move.

The shape of the C letter is used by the channel characters as a gesture of those who belong to the Club, a bit like a secret code that Clanners know and understand, and that they can use in their daily life to communicate with one another.


The basic logotype combines the inicial logo for Clan, turning it into a talking bubble, emerging from the C. A bright and vibrant color palette was developed, together with the idea of layers of many Cs creating a combined logotype.

The logotype in use on TV during a cartoon session, and a chyron in use with information on one of the clubbers

The Club offers various sections in which a wide array of topics is covered: languages, sport, hobbies, breakfast time… For each section, we designed a representeative object in 3D and animated it into a bumper: