Eurocarers’ Toolkit

Eurocarers is the European network representing informal carers and their organisations, irrespective of the particular age or health need of the person they are caring for.

The Others designed the website for the Cancer Toolkit in multiple languages, and also a downloadable PDF version of the website and Country sheets for each country.

Client: Eurocarers
Design: The Others
Date: November 2018

Unfoldable tabs system

The contents of the Toolkit are extended and organised in many sub-categories. We developed a UX tab unfolding system to provide the best visualisation and flow through the contents.


The illustrations were commissioned to Catarina Alves, and each illustrated one of the categories. The art direction for the style of the website and illustrations was to convey a sense of warmth and calm, as it is directed to people who take care of their loved ones who have cancer.


A set of icons is used throughout the website to help the user identity the information. The lining of the icons is always corporate blue, but the filling color changes depending on the category of the page where the icon is.