Expo Yeosu


Onionlab and The Others participated in the creation of the Spanish Pavilion at Yeosu’s International Exhibition. We were commissioned to produce several audiovisual pieces focusing on scientific expeditions Malaspina I (1789-1794) and Malaspina II (2010-2011) promoted by the Spanish Government.
One thousand two hundred water samples arranged in the form of a world map mapped with light show Malaspina II’s journey as well as the points where the expedition took water samples and the currents that affect the oceans.

  • ConceptChu Uroz, Pablo Rovalo, External Reference Arquitects, Onionlab
  • Graphic design:Pablo Rovalo
  • Space designExternal Reference Arquitects
  • Motion and interactive designOnionlab
  • Direction Aleix Fernández.
  • Direction assistant:Joan Achon
  • Animation and compositingRoger Vicente
  • Tecnhical directionJordi Pont
  • Music and sound design:Leiko
  • software development:Arturo Castro