Nasevo Exhibition

NASEVO is the name of an artist, who is by profession a renowned creator of essences and, by passion, a private collector: deaf since childhood, instead of simply looking at artworks he smells them as he looks.

His work is an exploration of smell through the eyes and hands. The Others was commissioned to design the identity for his exhibition at Museu Blau of Barcelona, and together with museographer David Urgell, we distributed the artwork in space and created ephimeral structures and hands-on experiences for the visitors.

Client: Nasevo for Museu Blau
Concept, graphics and space: The Others + David Urgell
Date: February 2018

Space partition

The exhibition combined scientific divulgation about the olfactory families, the way that smell is perceived, and also the artworks of the artist. The written contents had to be displayed in a didactic way, as well as the visiting experience, as this museum is often visited by schools and families with children.

We divided the space with semi-transparent fabrics, which allowed the visitants to transition through the exhibit in a comfortable flow and not see the whole space directly

Identity Design

The designs are meant to accompany the powerful and colorful artwork in an informative and neutral way. The infographics were printed on the fabrics that separate the areas.


Some artworks were classified into the realm of Animals, Trees or Stones. We created tactile labels for children to identify each kind.

The whole exhibition was like a playground for both adults and children. Boxes with color coded flaps could be open, containing various smells, and each olfactory family was represented by an artwork, and was complemented with a smelling device.