Operación Triunfo · Redesign

After a few years break, Operación Triunfo comes back to public Spanish TV. A musical contest reality, this programme is the top of audience in Spain.

The old logotype and general identity needed an up-to-date concept and look, and The Others conceptualised, carried out both the graphic design and the TV program opening, done in 3D and animation.

Client: Operación Triunfo
Concept, graphics and space: The Others

Done in collaboration with Gestmusic
Date: October 2017


The program is popularly called OT, and so the logotype was created according to what people call it. The shapes of the letters symbolise the stage, the jury panel, and the academy where the participants live and learn during the length of the yearly edition.


The design has been adapted to a panoply of formats and surfaces, both digital and physical. The stage is formed by a hollow logo from which participants appear and go back in, which serves as a screen to show videos or infographics too. We can see how the identity is applied on the official website as well.