Portalblau music festival

This music festival takes place in beautiful Costa Brava in the summer. Their concerts happen both by the beach and in Empúrie’s Roman ruins.

Client: Link Produccions
Concept, graphics and space: The Others
Date: Summer 2018

We developed a series of abstract illustratitons that would represent the sea and the roman ruins, that serve as background and accompany the artists’ pictures and text. The color palette aims to represent both the sea and the sand or the roman ruins, while expressing the fresh and sunny summer.

Target audience

L’Escala is family touristic destination, both for people in Catalonia but also for French families. The festival’s artists come from the Mediterranean area, and the graphics need to reflect the mood of summer by the sea, in family and friends.


The chosen typeface is Montserrat: a beautiful round sans-serif, friendly and bold. The waves of the illustrations provide a feeling of comfort and dynamism, enhanced by the fact that in all the pieces, one of the waves always comes forward and plays with the written information. The design is based on legibility but also beauty, as the street banners, for example, need to be as eye catchy as possible.


The graphics were adapted and applied to a wide array of pieces: from the generic lineup poster to individual posters and social media communication pieces, to rollups, street banners and beachflags, and also on the digital realm; web sliders, web skin, advertisements, photocalls, merchandising, etc.