Reflexos – Exposició Damià Campeny

Museum of Mataró exhibition based on Damià Campeny, a neoclassical sculptor born in Mataró.

Client: Museu de Mataró
Concept, graphics and space: The Others + David Urgell
Date: April 2019

The Others was in charge of the whole graphic identity and communication campaign;  collaborating with David Urgell for space distribution and design.
Identity Design

The design of the exhibition comes from the reflections produced from the idea of reinterpretation, which commences with the neoclassical art and with Damià Campeny.

The diversity of materials, the origin of the fonts, and the composition of the graphical elements build this concept conceived to contextualize the visitant into the neoclassical art. Also is meaningful the creation of simple yet sophisticated graphics applications, which help the pieces of the exhibition to stand out.


The labels and the art pieces reproductions share the space while generating organic compositions over the different walls of the museum.To stand out the original pieces of Damià Campeny, we designed a color code applied to the frames; making effective the distinction of the selected creations.

About the space

Space was divided into eight sections, considering Campeny’s several life stages. Each stage had a totem that informed and contextualized the visitant. To maintain an elegant coherence the exposition, all the areas incorporated the same colors and materials. Still, the composition treatment was modified to enhance the visitor’s interest in the exhibition’s content.

Graphic pieces

The design is based on the Lucrecia sculpture. This is an important symbol of the Campeny work and of several neoclassical coetaneous. Because of that, we created a composition based on the collage technique to create a new Lucrecia that represent the exhibition concept.