The City Lab

A Citizen Science Experiment for JDW

For the Jerusalem Design Week Domestic Data Streamers designed an open laboratory at the Hansen House with the goal of showing how art and technology can help cities and municipalities better understand nearby communities.

Streaming citizen thoughts into tangible data.

The City Lab asked the audience a series of questions using different laboratory devices that collected the answers in the form of a liquid. These were then processed and used to visualise a specific topic.
Topics included emotions; love, fear, preoccupation, ambition and goals amongst others, to help participants build a bigger picture of Jerusalem.

Curiosity over legibility and complexity power.

A laboratory environment engages with the audience and empowers them to explore the information, to interact with it and to become part of global knowledge. A participative experience that creates a metaphorical game between the city and the way we understand in the form of a chemical formula.