Tinglaos de Grafismo

‘Tinglaos de Grafismo’ is a festival organised by design school Seeway in Barcelona. The Others created the graphic campaign, a homage to all the people dedicated and related to design processes.

In each design project, the number and roles of people who take part in it, and the amount of different documents that are created for it, can be impressively huge. The Others took this as an inspiration to pay homage to all designers and the people involved in a design process, to create the graphic identity and communication campaign for the festival Tinglaos.

Client: Seeway School of Design
Concept & graphics: The Others
Interactive-design programmer: David Dalmazzo
Date: 2016

Inspiration and concept

The graphics for the festival take inspiration from astronomy charts that show constellations patterns. Instead of just creating an adequate visual identity for the event, we decided to include all the graphic designer participants into the making of the graphics, building a system that evolved and was created by user interactions.

The amount of documents generated in a creative process is almost insane. Using many programs, updating the documents with endless final versions, so many folders and subfolders are created in collaboration:

Folder 01_Material / 02_WIP / 03_Final, documents Draft_20-03-16.docx / Final-Illustration_version2_reviewed.ai

Generative software

All the pieces of the communication campaign were created with a software commissioned to David Dalmazzo. /see video for software demo/ All invited and speakers could access the festival website and play around with different parameters related to design:

  • Kind of project (editorial / advertising / animation / …)
  • Roles (creative director / graphic designer / copywriter / …)
  • Budget (00€ / 000€ / 0000€ / …)
  • Timing (Days / Weeks / Months / …)

With each chosen parameter, a constellation of people, how they are linked, and how many documents they produce is generated.

The logo was designed as a program extension (.tgs) , and each speaker and workshop leader had their own extension based on their name.

On the website, once the constellation of people and documents was created, you could order it so that the external circle showed the documents, linking to the various roles. We created a special constellation for each person/group of speakers, and a generic one for the main image of the festival.