Tuc Rail

TUC RAIL is an engineering and project management office specialised in rail infrastructure, the only office of that kind in Belgium.

Client: Tuc Rail
Concept, graphics and space: The Others
Date: September 2018

The enterprise undertook a big restructuring in terms of staff positions and organisational structure. All the changes were to be presented to the workers in an internal big event, celebrating its 25th anniversary and explaining the new objectives, in a fun and team building event.

The Others was comissioned to design visuals based on the identity of Tuc Rail, that would represent the symbolic rebirth of the company.


Conceptualisation The structure of the company is compared to the DNA structure, as the changes that Tuc Rail undertakes are deep and to the core. And visually, train rails look like a flat DNA chain, so we used this visual idea to represent the change in the company:


We came up with change-inspired sentences for the variety of adaptations that needed to be created.


The color palette was taken from the company’s existing identity, but the red color was given the main importance. Helvetica type was used throughout the design.


The graphics were animated by our motion graphics team