Urbact city festival

Urbact helps cities to develop pragmatic solutions that are new and sustainable and that integrate economic, social and environmental urban topics.

European cities meet each year to talk about ways to build better cities, in a festival that lasts two days, filled with creative encounters, workshops, masterclasses and activities around the city host.

Client: Urbact, Cecoforma
Concept, graphics and space: The Others
Date: September 2018

Our job consisted in creating the full graphic identity, to distribute and design the space, to create all collateral merchandising and communication campaign.

The venue, Pátio da Galé

Pátio da Galé, the venue, was finished in the 18th Century.  Square-shaped and cloister-like, with arches that support all the corridor areas. The arches meet with one another and create a pleasing and organic sensation.

Identity Design

We developed a specific identity for the Lisboa festival, tailored to the spacial and communication needs. The logotype is inspired by the arched shapes of the venue, Pátio da Galé.

All graphic elements take inspiration from Lisbon’s architecture: the color palette was taken from the colors of the Portuguese tiles, and the arch shape of the main logo is a minimalistic icon of the venue.

A full set of icons was designed: the main element is the closed arch shape, but the inside changes depending on the icon. Somewhere between abstract and figurative, each of them is indicative for something: meeting point, cafeteria area, restrooms, walk tour, breakout sessions, etc.

We also designed and animated a motion graphics video to encourage people to sign up to the festival and enjoy 2 days of sharing in Lisbon

Space design

Together with David Urgell, we studied the venue and came up with solutions that would enable to partition the big space into smaller areas, where different activities would take place.

Ephimeral space division

The challenge was to divide a very big and airy space into different rooms, for only two days. Working with cardboard, and specifically with reboard material, allowed us to design all furniture and rooms from scratch, to divide the space into workshop rooms and plenary area, and to be able to print information and graphics on the walls and pieces.

Cartonlab was in charge of the production of all the cardboard pieces. The walls of the workshop rooms turned into a massive canvas where participants could write on, use as mind mapping surfaces, and pin papers and post-its.

Merchandising & Goodies

A wide array of pieces were produced for the festival: notebooks, USB sticks, bags, t-shirts, etc.

Website design

We designed the website for the city festival 2018, together with the programme and event information